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Brand Visual

Brand Visual:

INATUR, Brand tree, Leaves, Herbal elements

Inatur stands for the best combination of scientific innovation and nature.

Our brand tree symbolizes the blessings of Mother Nature and the protective cover that it cocoons us in.

The leaves signify truth and faith.

Herbs and Ayurveda are a central part of our process and the color green signifies our connection with nature.

Brand Values & Personality:

Honest, Caring and Result-Oriented.

At Inatur, we believe there is no cosmetic alternative to natural beauty and that everything nature gives us, can be tapped in a certain way so as to utilize them for our betterment and we are proud to be known as a research-driven organisation.

We create result-oriented personal care products accessing the latest and most comprehensive ingredients and knowledge base in this area combining the best of science and nature (SCINAT) and using the philosophy of Ayurveda.


Brand Vision:

Natural Beauty Skincare for everyone

We bring a rare combination of precious herbs and science and put our knowledge of Ayurveda to use, at affordable prices because we truly believe everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful in their own special way.

Inatur gives you beauty remedies that fits into your budget.

Brand Promise:

Natural & Deep Care for the skin (with all logos of certifications & vegan)

At Inatur, we understand that ingredient sourcing is the most crucial step and so we use botanically sourced ingredients and take extra care to nurture your inner beauty and make you more confident. We are against animal testing, use of banned, synthetic or harsh ingredients and fragrances.

We hold certificationsGMP, Halal & ISO to our credits. Most of our products are dermatologically tested and are 100% safe for use.

Brand Philosophy:

100% Natural, 100% Care, 100% Honest

Nature has always been around, we just bring it closer to your Skin & Hair, for you to feel itís healing and beautifying touch to your Skin and Hair for you to feel its healing and beautifying touch. kin and Hair for you to feel its healing and beautifying touch.