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INATUR is a proud skincare division of the Hari Darshan Group (a name that has been spreading enchanting fragrances around the world for over 50 years now). INATUR is a name that believes in bringing the beauty of nature to everyone in the best possible way i.e. by combining the best of Nature & Science. (We call it SCINAT and you will find it in every packaging). INATUR is a trusted brand overseas and is also placed across key accounts in India and abroad and expanding every day to suit your needs and reach out to all prospective customers.

INATUR has a registered trademark method of formulation called SCINAT- our conceptual way of combining the best of herbal and natural actives, known since ages and empowering nature with science in all our cosmetics and personal care products. It defines all active ingredients used in the making of the product.

Absolutely! At INATUR, we do not use animal derived fats and any banned or harmful ingredients in our products. We do not believe in false claims or hiding the ingredients. All our plants are ISO certified and we also are GMP & Halal certified along with being non-comedogenic, dermatologically tested and pH balanced. We put in all efforts to bring the best of nature and science to you. Pamper your skin with INATUR.

For the convenience of our consumers, we are regularly tying up with all leading online portals. Currently, you can buy INATUR products online via www.flipkart.com, www.snapdeal.com, www.dietkart.com, and www.shopclues.com . We will keep updating the list as the list of portals increases.

Dry skin is thin, feels tight and irritable, looks flaky, dull and lifeless, has fine lines around the eyes and laugh lines around the mouth. It needs to be moisturized regularly.

Skin appears shiny especially on the nose and forehead (T-Zone), it I prone to acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, thick textured skin, facial pores are enlarged. This type of skin requires special care.

Normal skin has a clear appearance, soft and smooth texture, a natural glow, no visible pores, well supplied with moisture and oil, soft and supple to touch. It needs regular care to avoid premature ageing and wrinkles.

Sensitive skin had a very thin epidermis, becomes red when exposed to the sun especially on cheek and ears, could be dry or oily. It needs extra care as a wrong product could cause allergic reactions and redness.

A combination skin is a combination of two skin types. Skin is thick and shiny around the nose and forehead (T-Zone) and there are patches of dry skin on remaining parts of the face. Different areas need different type of care.

Anti-ageing is more about slowing down the process of ageing and giving your skin more time to thrive. The key to a good age-prevention routine is to start early with care that protects the skin from damaging factors. One should start taking care at least in the mid- 20s and 30s since elastin and collagen start breaking down at this age, meaning your skin is going to lose some of its firmness. We recommend using INATUR Anti-Ageing day and night cream and also a night cream for anti-ageing.

Start with cleansing with a gentle cleanser that will unclog the pores, after this, tone the skin to ensure pH balance and then moisturize. Gentle exfoliation also helps to pamper the skin. Choose from our wide range of cleansers, exfoliators, toners and moisturizers to suit your skin type.

Makeup may not disturb your sleep but it could disturb your pores. Makeup makes you look and feel beautiful but leaving it on overnight often has the opposite effect. Makeup clogs pores and prevents sebum from doing its job- instead sebum builds up, that causes acne. When you forget to wash your face, your skin has the chance to marinate in a day’s worth of debris and oil overnight. The skin is unable to breathe, regenerate tissues, exfoliate dead surface cells and heal itself. Use a makeup remover, facial cleanser, toner, etc to clean your skin. If you are too tired to make a trip to the sink to wash your face, keep makeup removing wipes in handy- this is the least you could do.

The softer an exfoliant is, the more often you can use it. Some scrubs are so gentle that they can be used on daily basis. Coarse scrubs which are extremely grainy should be used not more than once a week. If you have oily skin, you can generally exfoliate 2-3 days a week without any ill effects. People with more dry, silicate skin should 1-2 times a week, ideally with a gentle scrub which will not irritate their skin. Avoid exfoliation if you suffer from eczema or have recently been sunburned. Pick a scrub suiting your skin type from our range of scrubs.

Face masks are developed to help the skin stay clean and fresh looking. Depending on your skin type, if you have dry skin, stick to the usage of once a week or it will really dry out the skin. Normal skin types can use it for twice a week and oily skin type can extend usage to up to 3 times a week to control the oil in the face.

It is recommended to do a patch test first (on the arm) and leave for 24 hours before using on large area, because you could be allergic or very sensitive to the product. Do not use bleach near the eyes, inside the nose, ear, scar tissue, warts, moles or near genitals. Do not use it on extremely exfoliated skin. Keep the bleached area out of direct sunlight for at least 24 hours.

A toner is a skin freshener that is meant to be used after cleansing. Toners remove traces of cleanser and help to balance the pH of the skin. It also helps to treat skin conditions and cool, soothe and refresh the skin. Recommended to be used daily.

Almost everybody’s skin accumulates some amount of oil overnight. It is necessary to wash your face both in the morning and evening with a soap-less creamy facial cleanser that doesn’t dry out your skin.

Contrary to an old belief, pimples don’t necessarily mean that your skin is dirty or unclean, over-cleansing can irritate your skin so much more! However, to get rid of these, wash your face twice daily and whenever you do, wash for 1 minute straight. Prefer an anti-bacterial cleanser, use face masks and follow up with a non-comedogenic moisturizer. You would be happy to know that Inatur products are chemical free and non-comedogenic too!

Parabens are the most widely used preservatives in personal care products. Parabens prevent fungus and bacterial growth and other microbes from growing in the beauty products. They basically increase the shelf life of the product and they are cheap and effective. Prolonged use of parabens can cause allergy and rashes since it easily penetrates into the skin. Research shows that it also accelerates the skin ageing process. They act like estrogens which may increase the risk of women developing estrogen-positive breast cancer. That’s why we make sure all our products are paraben-free!

False! The sun’s rays are equally harmful throughout the year. Not using a sunscreen will burn and tan the skin, causing premature wrinkles and fine lines. So, in spite of the weather, it is very important to wear sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you step out to get sun protection.

Regardless of any skin type, moisturizing is essential. Our skin needs hydration from inside out. People with oily skin have over-active oil glands. Cleansing and toning removes the oily layer of the skin but if it is not moisturized, skin feels deprived of oil and produces more oil in the process. Hence, moisturizing keeps the skin normal and soft. However, opt for an oil-free moisturizer.

Sunlight consists of ultraviolet radiation that penetrates into the layers of the skin. UVA are said to be the ageing rays while UVB are the burning rays. Both UVA and UVB are harmful and cause damage to the skin. UVA causes pigmentation, fine lines , Skin sagging, ageing and skin disorders. UVB is the primary agent in sun burning and primarily affects the outer skin layers.

The ability of a sunscreen to absorb radiation is defined by its sun protection factor (SPF). The SPF indicates the time and percentage of protection from UVB rays. 1 SPF= 10 minutes of sun protection so 15 SPF means 150 minutes of sun protection (2 hours 30 minutes). Depending on your sun exposure, you could pick the SPF count of sunscreens.

Sunscreens that protect against both UVA & UVB rays are classified as broad spectrum and they are the best choice of sunscreen. All INATUR sunscreens have advanced broad spectrum.

Lack of exercise, smoking, environmental damage, improper breathing, poor diet, etc.

INATUR’s Sun Protection Gel with SPF 20 comes in a gel form with advanced broad spectrum UV protection and is ideal for people with oily skin.

We need to moisturize our hands more than the other parts since frequent hand washing keeps drying out the skin in our hands. A hand & nail cream (try INATUR Hand & Nail Cream- enriched with Honey, Calendula & Shea Butter) is especially developed for taking care of your hands and nails and they differ from body lotions on the basis of the level of moisture. It protects the hands from damaging and ageing elements and softens dry skin. It also strengthens and conditions the cuticles and helps prevent breakage.

Soaps are highly alkaline in nature and messes with the pH balance of the skin. Another disadvantage is that they have a drying effect and also remove some natural oils from the skin. On the other hand, INATUR bathing bars are sulphate-free, 100% natural, 100% soap-free, transparent and are made with pure essential oils and extracts.

Facial sheet masks are gaining popularity because of its multiple benefits. Facial moisture mask is very much in demand in Korea and Japan, though slowly with time it is gaining popularity in other parts of the world too. The reason for face sheet masks gaining popularity and being used by more and more people is that whenever we apply any moisturizer or face cream either it remains in our hand or a great portion of it gets evaporated leaving our face dry and dull.

In order to get rid of this issue people started using facial moisturizer masks as it is rich in serum and nutrients so that when we apply these masks on our face it not only moisturizes our face but also makes it look brighter and glowing. The reason for this is that these masks are so thin and light that the serum can easily penetrate through our skin and nourish it.

Also there is an ease to use , you can apply them anytime and anywhere.

Male or female, the mask a person needs depends on whether his/her skin is considered normal, dry or oily. INATUR has three variants in sheet masks currently -- Rose (ideal for sensitive/normal or dry skin), Charcoal (ideal for combination/oily/normal skin) and Sandal (ideal for all skin types).

There are a few of the key (science backed) functionality claims of mud masks and clay masks:

1. Clay & ‘mud’ are molecular level magnets.

Clay and mud can be a powerful ion exchanger. It’s full of minerals such as iron, silica, calcium, magnesium. Impurities, oils and dirt on your skin and in your pores are positively charged, these get bind to the clay’s negative charge. It’s this property that means clay has been used treat poisoning in ancient cultures (i.e. it was eaten). It is known to suck out impurities.

2. Pore minimise, skin tightening and Astringent

Clay and mud has high astringency. An astringent substance is a chemical compound that tends to shrink or constrict body tissues. This means clay and mud helps to reduce pore size, leaving the skin smooth.

3. Osmotic action for skin hydration.

Clay and mud on the skin creates an osmotic effect which can pull moisture up from deep inner tissues to hydrate the face. This means clean and tight skin but without dehydrating it as other cleansing agents may do.

4. Tiny particles = large surface area = large oil absorption.

Not all clays and muds are this fine. Clay such as Canada’s West Coast oceanic clay have very tiny particle sizes. Small particles mean a large surface area, with high capability to adsorb oil. (Surface area of 6000 square feet per gram). The small particles also get in and around and draw oil out of your pores. Have you looked at your nose area when you see a mud mask drying on your face?

5. Balance pH of skin

Clays and mud tend to have a balanced pH: This means both positive and negatively charges particles. This evens out to give a neutral pH reading, this is gentle on the skin. Buffering means it will help neutralize anything too acidic (low pH) or basic (high pH) it comes into contact with.

6. Exfoliation

The small particles are great for exfoliation and removing dead skin cells. Also sometimes we add actives to mask that work on exfoliating skin cells.

A luxurious treatment formulated to tighten, smoothen and rejuvenate the skin that gives remarkable results. It contains a mask powder and an activator enriched with powerful ingredients.

This mask contains alginates, which are rich in minerals that forms the rubber texture of the mask. It locks in moisture, helps to plump up the skin and smooths out stress, age lines and wrinkles.

Natural beauty treatment with impressive and fast results.

Compliments any skin care regime.

Gives a toning & tightening effect.

Naturally moisturizing & hydrating.

Increases elasticity & reduces ageing signs.


A face oil adds hydration and nutrition. These are light esters , very low in molecular weight that helps them to penetrate inside the layer of skin. It helps to bring glow.

A serum does something bonus – it brightens, slows the onset of lines and wrinkles, it tightens, it exfoliates, etc. A serum is further lighter and penetrate is further deeper layers of skin.

Serums can be essentially a face oil blend with an extra ingredient(s), or it can be an oil-free base of aloe or an emulsion of oils and floral waters, or any number of other things. Serums vary wildly in texture and use.

Serums must be applied along with facialoils and cream for better results.

1.On freshly washed skin that is still damp from washing, OR on freshly washed skin that has been spritzed with a hydrating spray, apply a few drops of your product with your freshly washed fingers. Incase you are travelling use a sanitiser to ensure that your hands are clean.

2.Gently glide the product across your forehead, cheeks, chin, and give yourself a gentle massage, gently pressing it into your skin, making sure to bring it down onto your neck, and the area of skin below your collarbone, even down to your chest. You’ll notice that a little product goes a long way when you apply it to damp skin.

3.Allow the product to sink in for a few minutes before applying your moisturizer (if you determine you still need one) and your makeup, and if you’re a nighttime applier, be sure to complete your regimen long before your face hits your pillow to allow maximum absorption time.

The first step for any skin type is to cleanse and tone. The rest of the layering process depends on your skin type.If you have normal or dry skin.......Start with a serum since it is light. Give a gap of a minute and then apply the moisturizer or cream since this will nourish and hydrate the skin keeping the effect of the serum intact. Then add facial oil (non-greasy) so it gives glow but does not look greasy on your skin. Always add sunscreen (min SPF 15) in the last if this is your morning routine.

In case of sensitive skin, apply a non-allergenic moisturizer and then add serum on top of it.

If you are applying an eye cream regularly, use it immediately after the serum and before you use your moisturizer or cream.

In case you are using all facial oil and serum and a cream. Then firstly apply facial oil let is absorb then on that apply serum and then you can finish with a sunscreen SPF moisturiser or night cream. Depends on what time of day it is.

Bath salts are enriched with beneficial minerals and are made from real sea salt. They could be large grains or small grains and they are extremely easy to use but bring long-term benefits. They get easily absorbed into the skin and are known to cleanse, purify, tone and relax the body while exfoliating the dead skin cells. They also release muscle tension and also works on tan and common skin irritations.

Regular use of bath salts plump up the skin, balance the moisture level and decrease fine lines, leaving behind young-looking and softer skin.

It can be used in two ways-- Add the bath salt to your a half-filled bucket or bath tub and let it mix into the water (they dissolve in water pretty quickly) and use it to take your bath OR Take it into palm and mix with water to make a paste and slowly scrub in circular motion all over your body and wash-off with water.

Oils form a protective shield on the skin and give you immediate softness and smoothness. They are rich in vital nutrients that gives glow to your skin and helps absorb other skin care products also apart from giving deep hydration.

No matter what serum or cream/moisturizer you use, make facial oil a part of your daily skin routine and you will be delighted with the results.Kumkumadi oil You could use them directly (if suggested so) or mix it with your daily cream in the right proportion.

Bath oil is not to be mistaken for a body oil. It is esp designed to gives you a luxurious and aroma therapeutic bathing experience. It fights dullness and dryness of skin, softens and nourishes. It has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin to give intense nourishment and rejuvenation. It also improves blood circulation, keeps the skin tissues soft and plump thereby resulting in a younger looking skin but no greasiness left behind. Helps you to relax and unwind.

To use, you can add a few drops of oil in the warm running bath (preferably warm water since it helps with oil penetration) OR massage on whole body half an hour before bath and let it soak and then wash away.

Essential oils are highly concentrated, pure plant based oils extracted through careful steam distillation. Various parts of the plant like stems, roots, leaves, bark, flower, fruit are used to make these oils and they have therapeutic benefits.

Essential oils can be used for aromatherapy, topical application or dietary consumption and have a whole array of benefits like they enhance your physical wellness, uplift your mood and senses thereby inspiring a positive emotional state, adds more power to your beauty routine and purifies your home, help fights various diseases, etc.

Be cautious and follow label instructions while using 100% pure essential oils and do not apply directly on the skin.

Test 1: Place a single drop on white printer paper and let dry. If there’s an oily ring left behind, it’s not a pure essential oil. However some heavier oils are exceptions. Pure essential oil disappears on white paper.

Test 2: It does not dissolve in water

Test 3: It does not feel greasy

They are usually stored in glass containers because of its concentrated form and they are usually highly priced. Always read the label carefully and the recommended usage mentioned on it.

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