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DIY Hair Masks to fight Hairfall | INATUR

DIY Hair Masks to fight Hairfall | INATUR


Here is the list of Hair Mask from kitchen ingredients for all hair types

Hair masks are not something new. According to ancient text women used to apply a paste of herbs, tea leaves, jasmine flower petals, amla paste, coconut and olive oil to deeply condition and nourish their hair. Now we have a host of options to choose from, but the basics of good hair care have not changed for hundreds of years. One hair mask cannot be suitable for all types of hair. It is essential that we find a hair mask according to our hair type and need.

Pooja Nagdev, Cosmetologist & Aromatherapist, Founder, Inatur recommends hair mask that can be made from your kitchen ingredients. These masks are restorative, nourishing treatment, repair damaged hair and boost growth.

Here are a few suggestions for multiple hair types.

Coloured hair

Deep moisturizing is needed to preserve colour and maintain a healthy glow. Concentrate on the ends of the hair, which dry out most quickly. If you do not have a mask specifically for colour-treated hair, a dry hair mask will also work well.

Coconut Milk+ Avocado

Coconut milk and avocado are very beneficial for coloured hair. Since its oil free it won’t strip off the colour while you are trying to shampoo it out.

In a blender, combine a whole avocado, one cup of coconut milk, a tablespoon of honey, and lemon oil.

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