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INATUR Women Forum (29 April 2017)

INATUR Women Forum (29 April 2017)

Chapter 2 (Phoenix Market City, Mumbai)

Opening of our first store in maximum city Mumbai and seventh overall is a major milestone for Inatur. This store done up with new design philosophy, got rave reviews and compliments soon after opening. This called for a celebration and first Inatur Women Forum for our beloved blogger friends in Mumbai.

The event was scheduled on Saturday, Apr 29, at the swanky Craft Kitchen in the mall. We were overwhelmed to see the participation and specially the bloggers from Pune and Goa who travelled all the way for the event. We could feel the positive & happy aura all around the brand & us. The venue, food & beverages and the environment was enchanting and appealing. As usual the event started with the introduction and followed by a presentation on the brand by Ms. Pooja, CEO & the Co-Founder. The fun quiz and the Q&A round followed the founder’s talk. The open house pattern, informal discussion and sharing of knowledge was much appreciated by the bloggers and guests. All the questions from our guests were addressed & answered in detail.

The action then moved to the store with the group tour. It was encouraging to see our guests click pictures, selfies and boomerangs. They tried the products and engaged with the Inatur Team to discuss the products and their application in detail. Amidst all this excitement the guests were handed over the signature and custom made Inatur goody bags. It was impressive to see the number of Snapchat and Instagram stories that went live.

INATUR Women Forum Phoenix Market City, Mumbai
INATUR Women Forum Phoenix Market City, Mumbai

Inatur being captured in numerous social media stories

We were glad and proud that Inatur Women Forum yet again lived up to its vision of creating a platform not just to showcase the brand but also communicate and share knowledge about the beauty, wellness and health in a conducive, interactive, relaxed and positive ambience.

INATUR Women Forum Phoenix Market City, Mumbai

Our favorite group picture with the bloggers

Our guests can’t wait for the next edition, well so is the case with us. We are coming back soon!

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  • Publish Date:2017-06-30 14:41:00

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