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Interest & Passion flowering to Natural Skin Care

Interest & Passion flowering to Natural Skin Care

Rising Sun ASPL was conceptualised and founded by Pooja Nagdev to take ancient principles of Ayurveda and Goodness of Nature to the world. Pooja started pursuing her dream to create natural products at a very young age. She studied Cosmetology and further enhanced her skills by studying and practicing Aromatherapy and Natural Therapies. She attended various exhibition and seminars all over the world to further enhance her skills.

In her quest to create best products she studied under Ayurveda Doctors and Maharishis to create a great base for the products. During her studies she realised and perfected the deep connect between Ayurveda and Aromatherapy principles.

Pooja developed a range of natural skin care products based on the principles of Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Herbalism, in all combining and using the wonders of Nature to bring out the best for care and wellness of mind body and soul. She named this range, Inatur.

The objective since has been to give our users honest, genuine, deliverable product that is Made in India, ethically. The production only commenced after five years of extensive R&D was complete. Today Inatur is striving hard reach out to an increasing number of loving consumers and consolidate it’s position in the Natural Personal Care segment and working with dedication, integritry and ethics to bring newer result oriented products.

Pooja, Founder of INATUR is very happy to share her blog on Personal Care , Ayurveda, Aromatherapy Natural Remedies and Regimes every fortnight .

Love and Respect

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  • Publish Date:2016-07-01 11:39:00

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