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What is Simple is Beautiful

What is Simple is Beautiful

Healthy habits are simple, easy to follow and very essential to bring out a healthy skin. Where by we can say that healthy products are natural. Natural are the substances that exist with in the nature and are not further processed or chemically treated. .

For example water, minerals, juices from herbs ,flowers and fruits ,grains like oats , jowar , apricot , pomegranate seeds ……………. and so on are natural substances that can be added to trat various skin & scalp conditions

I am a firm believer of the keep it simple policy. Cleanse – Tone – Moisturise is a simple regime that our mothers and grandmothers have also followed and still stays the same.

With this cold weather these days even the oiliest of the skins demands an emollient nourishing cream.


My suggestion for winter’s regime is to KEEP IT SIMPLE. If you have a very dry mature skin I will recommend that you must cleanse daily once or twice depending on your daily lifestyle only with a cleansing milk, lotion or sulphate free face wash followed by application of almond cream , body butter , day and night creams. For dry skin I recommend silky skin face wash and olive face wash.. For people with oily skin I recommend cleansing with sulphate free face wash twice a day , followed by an application of a hydrating moisturiser and a oil free sunscreen. After cleansing before one steps out applying sunscreen is a must do. First apply a rich nourishing cream or serum or facial oil and then follow with an SPF 30-50.

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  • Publish Date:2016-07-01 11:37:00

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