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24K Gold Glow Facial Kit

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24 K Gold Facial Kit contains Pure Gold Dust along with precious herbs & vanilla flower extracts and almonds which deep cleanse the skin while maintaining skin’s natural balance. Gold Facial helps in improving blood circulation and enhancing beauty. It energizes your skin & brings out Golden brilliant glow on your skin. This kit contains 24 K pure gold, which helps in slowing down the visible sign of aging and helps to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin surface, making the skin look younger and more radiant.

Ideal for:

Dry/ Mature skin

Directions to use:

  • Gold Cleansing Gel with Vanilla and Hibiscus Flower: Take one tea spoon gel cleanser with little facial Serum. Massage into skin in upward and outward, movements, then remove it with damp cotton or can cleanse with (-) galvanic current.
  • Gold Exfoliator with Apricot: Massage lightly in small circulation for 2-3 minutes.
  • 24 K Gold Massage Cream with Hibiscus Flower: Apply gold gel and give penetration with (+) galvanic/ derma sonic waves.
  • 24 K Gold Massage Cream with Vanilla and Hibiscus Flower: Give massage for minimum 15 minutes. Can be penetrated through Derma sonic also.
  • Ultimate Beauty Facial Serum: Give a compressed massage for few minutes.
  • Ultimate Beauty Eye Gel: Gently rub on the closed eyes and massage for 5-6 minutes.
  • 24 K Gold Glow Pack with Hibiscus and Vanilla Flower: Apply pack until semi dry and gently rub for 2-3 minutes clockwise and anti-clockwise. Pat and dry.
  • 24 K Gold Finishing Lotion with Hibiscus and Vanilla Flower: With Gold Finishing Lotion for 2-3 minutes and leave on.

Pack Size:


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Recent Review

  • Yasmin Srinivas

    Best facial for all skin types including sensitive skin. It gives a perfect glow which retains for a week. No breakouts or irritation after using it. I'm using it from 3 months. After trying so many brands always came back to it. Love it.

  • Akanksha Biyani

    It is really very effective & could see an instant glow on face very good quality.

  • Anjana Koshy

    This is my 3rd buy. It is really very nice. I guess most of the Inatur products should be good. I would like to try their other products too.

  • Akhila Sarraf

    Fully satisfied with this kit. Easy to use. You can use just before going for a party. And what special thing I like is that it suits my oily skin.