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BIO Peel Facial Exfoliant

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Bio PEELING Exfoliant is enriched with Vivillume ,Vitamin C,natural herbal complexes , essential oils and glycolic acid derived from sugarcane .The natural ingredients helps by loosen and exfoliate the top layer.

Every Inatur comes with SCINAT affiliation, every product is based on pure plant science.

Every 100 gram of product contains following SCINAT BIO Actives ingredients -

  • Vivillume- 500mg Brings youthful glow
  • Avocado -100mg-moisturises skin.
  • Chamomile-200mg: antiaging
  • Black Sand -100mg natural micro dermabrasion
  • Lavender - 100mgAnti inflammatory
  • Vertiver-50mg hydrates skin
  • Grape Seed Extract-500mg astringent and antiseptic
  • Glycolic Acid-500mg natural skin peeling
  • White Pearl Powder-500mg brings radiance


  • It helps to gently remove dead and dry skin cells to reveal skin natural smoothness and radiance.
  • It Exfoliates , Brightens and Cleanses the Skin. It’s a natural dermabrasion properties
  • Cleanses and clears blocked pores, blackheads, fades dark spots.Decreases fine lines, Minimizes appearance of pores

Ideal for:

It is suitable for Oily Skin

Directions to use:

  • Be sure to remove all of your make-up before you start with the facial.
  • Take a small amount of BIO PEELING CLARIFYING FACIAL Exfoliate gel between your hands and gently apply to the face,neck and hairline.
  • Apply it and avoid excessive pressure. Focus on area around nose and chin, do not rub it hard around cheek area.
  • Use cotton cloth dipped in lukewarm water and use it to remove every particle of exfoliate from face. Give your face a final rinse to remove all traces of your facial scrub.

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