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BIO Peeling Facial Mask

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Bio PEELING Massage Gel is enriched with Vivillume , minerals , essential oils and glycolic acid from natural origin that help to gently peel the epidermis layer of face leaving behind a illuminating radiant complexion.

Every Inatur comes with SCINAT affiliation, every product is based on pure plant science.

Every 100 gram of product contains following SCINAT BIO Actives ingredients -

  • Vivillume- 500mg Brings youthful glow
  • Avocado -100mg-moisturises skin.
  • Chamomile-200mg: antiaging
  • Black Sand -100mg natural micro dermabrasion
  • Lavender - 100mgAnti inflammatory
  • Vertiver-50mg hydrates skin
  • Grape Seed Extract-500mg astringent and antiseptic
  • Glycolic Acid-500mg natural skin peeling
  • White Pearl Powder-500mg brings radiance


  • Lavender which has Anti inflammatory, antiseptic, skin healing and skin repair naturally. Grape Seed Extract acts as astringent with antiseptic for skin.
  • It also stimulates skin cells to increase turnover, attaining a renewed, plump and healthy complexion. Provides firmness, smoother texture and youthful, healthy look to your face.
  • Brings back the skin to optimum pH level.

Ideal for:

It is suitable for Oily Skin

Directions to use:

  • Apply a coating of the mask evenly over your skin. Avoid eye area and lips.
  • Leave mask on as long for 10 minutes. Try not to laugh or smile while it's drying.
  • Please note that this mask may not dry off completely. Pat face dry with a towel or use steam to remove the same.
  • Moisturize your skin with essential oil
  • You can also have them rinse it if that is easier. At this point, apply toner and a light facial moisturizer, if desired.
  • Peeling makes your skin sensitive from sun, Protect your skin from Sunrays with Inatur SPF 50 suns spray for protection from UV rays.

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