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BIO Peeling Facial Massage Gel

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This bio peel facial massage gel is enriched with natural herbal complexes, essential oil and glycolic acid from natural origin.

Every Inatur comes with SCINAT affiliation, every product is based on pure plant science.

Every 100 gram of product contains following SCINAT BIO Actives ingredients -

  • Vivillume- 500mg Brings youthful glow
  • Avocado -100mg-moisturises skin.
  • Chamomile-200mg: antiaging
  • Lavender - 100mgAnti inflammatory
  • Vertiver-50mg hydrates skin
  • Grape Seed Extract-500mg astringent and antiseptic
  • Glycolic Acid-500mg natural skin peeling
  • White Pearl Powder-500mg brings radiance


  • It has activated collagen which helps to improve the texture of skin.
  • Avocado oil which deeply moisturizes the skin. White pearl powder gives youthful glow and radiance.

Ideal for:

It is suitable for Oily Skin

Directions to use:

  • Warm your hands by rubbing them for a few seconds before beginning the massage.
  • Apply BIO Peeling Massage Gel onto the skin lightly with your fingertips.
  • Massage skin using your thumbs, fingers and palms. Use circular upward motion giving anti gravity lift to the skin. Start with forhead, followed by temples continue to cheek bones chin nose and cheek area.

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