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Charcoal Facial Foam

Charcoal Facial Foam

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Charcoal facial foam is an organic and sulphate-free mild facial cleanser that has a nourishing formula enriched with activated charcoal, pure oils and herbs like Anise- that heals, soothes and adds glow to skin, Lemon- that has antiseptic and astringent qualities, Basil- an excellent skin rejuvenator that prevents acne, pimples, skin infections and controls sebum, Neem- that has anti-bacterial properties for clearer skin & Peppermint- that has a cooling & calming effect on skin.

Charcoal facial foam helps draw out the excess oil, dirt and impurities and deeply cleanses, purifies and detoxifies the skin.

It controls sebum and fights acne-producing bacteria.

Ideal for:

Combination/Oily/Normal skin

Directions to use:

Pump Charcoal facial foam onto palm and massage and massage for a minute on wet face using fingertips in circular motion, avoiding the eye area and then rinse off with water. Recommended to be ued twice everyday.

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Recent Review

  • Parul Negi

    Superb quality product. It's really good in this price. Affordable price. I like this....

  • Poonam Bansal

    After the very first use, my skin became incredibly soft. The Facial Foam contains activated charcoal and is highly effective. My skin looked brighter.

  • Chetna Gupta

    I'm a fan of charcoal induced products.This Facial Foam works wonders on skin. I feel very refreshed after using it and my skin becomes very toned and looks glowy.

  • Priyanshi Gupta

    This is my 3rd purchase. I love this Charcoal Facial Foam. It's a multi purpose product. Every time my skin feels dull I use this Facial Foam. It gives instant results. Also suits my oily skin because it contains charcoal. Really recommend using this product.

  • Priya Oberoi

    This Inatur Charcoal Facial Foam extract is suitable for all skin types.This Facial Foam works wonders on my skin. After every wash my skin feels refreshed.

  • Isha Chandel

    One of the the best product from Inatur Charcoal Facial Foam which gives the glowing skin instantly. This Charcoal has ingredients which gives the soothing effect on skin when applied. With the first application i got the glow and smooth skin

  • Smita Gupta

    i like all products from Inatur Charcoal Facial Foam ..but i love this Facial Foam i am using since 2 yrs..

  • Shruti Bisht

    The Charcoal Facial Foam from Inatur has been my recent favourite .I am using it for 1 weeks now and the change is visible .It brings an instant glow to the face

  • Shobhna singh

    I tried charcoal based beauty care for the first time and must say, it works great. Inatur Charcoal Facial Foam is suitable for all skin types

  • Sapna Kumari

    Loving the product. Awesome! It had helped to remove the dirt and black heads in my face. Also reduces the oiliness and gives the face a perfect glow for next two to three days. Overall a good product.

  • Shilpa kumari

    If you have acne or you are feeling troubled from heat so this will helps you calm down your skin and best thing is that it is chemical free With 2 uses only i feel my skin is glowing as well

  • Dr Rushina Paliwal

    Organic and mild. Suits me the most.