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Chocolate & Raw Sugar Polishing Scrub

Chocolate & Raw Sugar Polishing Scrub

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A special scrub enriched with the unique combination of cocoa bean powder- that helps to control blemishes, prevents premature ageing and helps to maintain a youthful look, Raw Sugar extracts- that helps in cellular regeneration and polishes skin, Honey extracts- that deeply moisturizes, maintains skin elasticity and nourishes, Chamomile oil- eases skin rashes and also helps prevent acne and Turmeric extracts- has antiseptic, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Chocolate & Raw Sugar scrub helps to deeply clean and purify the skin, leaving it soft, pampered and conditioned.

It helps to remove blackheads/whiteheads while deeply cleansing the skin pores, repairs cells, controls blemishes and smoothens skin.

It can be used on both face and body for a polished effect.

Ideal for:

Dry to Normal skin.

Directions to use :

Take the exfoliator on fingertips and massage on slightly wet face for 3-4 minutes in circular motions. Rinse with water.

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Recent Review

  • Balkishan Kunwar

    Very nice for dry skin😀