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Coffee & Brown Sugar Scrub

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A unique face and body scrub that invigorates and enlivens your skin with freshly brewed coffee and cocoa extracts. It buffs away dryness and gives a glowing complexion. It reverses skin damage and brightens skin.

Coffee & Brown Sugar Scrub is enriched with Brown Sugar- that clears away dead skin cells, gives a smooth complexion and gives a radiant glow, Coffee- that reverses skin damage, fights ageing and improves texture, Cinnamon- that plumps the skin and promotes blood circulation, Anise oil - which is an antiseptic and stimulant that helps fade wrinkles, scars, etc.

This scrub can be used for body slimming also.

Ideal for:

Normal to Dry skin.

Directions to use:

Apply a sufficient amount of Coffee & Brown sugar scrub on wet face or body. Massage in gentle circular motion to allow granules to remove dead skin cells and to generate heat. Rinse off well.

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Recent Review

  • Sammy Pie

    When I heard that it had coffee in it I was amused, I thought the smell of coffee would be really overpowering but it turns out the scrub smells more like cinnamon.When I tried it out for the first time, I thought it was terrible. I never thought it would work for me. It was too sticky and greasy and most of all, I couldn’t RINSE it off. Things like this really tick me off. View Detail