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Daily Bathing Bar

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Inatur’s bathing bars are sulphate-free, 100% natural and 100% soap-free. They are transparent bathing bars made with pure essential oils and extracts.

Daily Bathing Bar is an ideal cleanser that intensively cleans and nourishes the skin. It can be used on sensitive type skin also.

It is enriched with Tea Tree Oil- that has anti-bacterial properties and hence, treats burns, reduces acne and moisturizes dry skin, Vitamin E- that acts as a daily nourishment supplement, Polyquaternium7- that is a skin conditioner and Neem extracts- a miracle for people with problematic skin due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, helps to get rid of skin infections and adds glow to the skin.

Ideal for:

All skin types.

Directions to use:

Simply glide the bathing bar all over your body and it melts as it rubs with the skin, to give you a refreshed feel altogether every day.

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Recent Review

  • Rakhi Batta

    Great for all skin types and has a very good smell..

  • Ragini Singh

    Its smells divine

  • Prerna Badami

    Firstly let me tell you, I am a huge fan of Inatur and almost all of my skin care products are from this brand. This soap is a good product and won't dry out your skin. It is good for cleansing oily skin too.

  • Ambika Rastogi

    It is an amazing soap worth the money.

  • Bhaagyasree Mann

    I loved the fragrance and moisturizing property of this soap.

  • Aditi Kulkarni

    The soap is so gentle on the skin. My skin feels moisturized after use. It's fragrance is subtle and calming.