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Diamond Bleach Cream

Diamond Bleach Cream

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Diamond Bleach Cream is a unique bleach cream that blends facial hair, cleanses skin pores, removes impurities and fades facial blemishes from deep within giving you a dazzling shine. Its unique formula rapidly dissolves dirt while maintaining the proper moisture level of your skin. It also gives long lasting firmness and resilience.

It contains Lotus extracts- improves the texture and condition of the skin, it is highly soothing and emollient and leaves your skin supple and soft, Geranium Oil- prevents untimely sagging by tightening of the facial skin and combats anti-ageing symptoms.

Undertaking a patch test before the complete application is recommended to ensure that it causes no allergy.

Ideal for:

Dry and Mature skin.

Directions to use:

Mix cream and activator in the ratio of 3:1. After mixing, apply a layer on the face/body uniformly and leave for 15 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

Pack Sizes:

196g, 358g

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