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For Men Charcoal Face Mask

For Men Charcoal Face Mask

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Charcoal masks are known for detoxifying your skin and giving it a smoother and brighter appearance. Charcoals help in removing the dirt, from the pores and give your skin a thorough cleansing. These masks also control the oil secretion in your skin, making it perfect for skin prone to blackheads and acne. Charcoal Mask is a deep cleansing and purifying mask that helps to detoxify and purify the skin. It gently removes all the skin impurities and is especially beneficial for removal of tan from the skin.

It is infused with Charcoal powder- that is proven to adsorb multiple times its own mass in harmful substances like toxins, impurities, bacteria and dirt and helps fight acne, Basil extracts- an excellent skin rejuvenator that prevents acne, pimples, skin infections and controls sebum, Lemon Oil- that has antiseptic and astringent qualities, Neem extracts- that has anti bacterial properties for clearer skin

Benefits of Charcoal Face Mask

• Cleanses pores

• Absorbs oil

• Exfoliates

• Remove blackheads and dirt

• Leaves your skin cleaner, healthier, and smoother


Inatur Products are created by SCINAT our way of combining best of natural herbs, oils and extracts using scientific techniques following ancient principles of ayurveda to deliver result oriented products


Aqua, Charcoal Powder, Almond Powder , Cetyle Alcohol Cocoa Butter, Oat, Amino Acids , ISO Propyl Myristate


PH Balanced , Paraben Free , Sulphate Free

Direction to us :

Take Inatur Charcoal Scrub on Finger tips and massage for 3-4 minutes in circular motion on a wet face. Rinse with water. For oily , Combination and Normal Skin.

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Recent Review

  • Ipsa sharma

    Great product! The very first time I used this mask, I could feel it working within minutes, my skin was unbelievably soft. I look forward to applying it every few days to help my skin look and feel better.

  • Harishita gautam

    I'm honestly in love with the mask, Activated charcoal is one of my favorites when it comes to removing impurities The product works wonders on my skin and is worth the price. Definitely recommended!

  • Hamsini verma

    I have combination skin and I wanted to try some charcoal based face mask. I came across this brand and gave it a shot and trust me my skin feels so clean and smooth after using it. It cleans the pores and leaves the skin feeling fresh. One should definitely try this product :)

  • Garima singh

    I have used this Charcoal face mask from different brands before. They're also quite good. But this one from Inatur is the best.

  • Eshita kour

    I bought this product mainly because it actually claims to clear skin. So when i used ; It feels very gentle when applied to the face and doesn't burn or smell. One of my favorite part about this mask is that a little bit of product goes a long way. You can definitely get many applications out of one package. It takes about 15 minutes to fully dry and then easily wash it off. This product is great for oily skin because it leaves a nice soft and clean feel after.

  • Aditi Sharma

    I have been using the product from more than a month. It works wel to get rid of dull and dry skin and blackheads.Good product for the price…….

  • Parul Negi

    "Just amazing products...deeply clean pores and makes your skin soft and supple. Must buy!!!! Face Mask is awesome for combination to oily skin, it removes excessive oil and dirt from face without drying your skin."

  • Poonam Bansal

    I liked this Men Charcoal Face Mask as it removes skin impurities and gives a deeply cleansed feel to the skin. The skin feels soft, smooth and bright after using it. I like using this face mask twice a week to detoxify my skin. I think it's worth trying out this face mask.

  • Chetna Gupta

    Great packaging, Loved the products Inatur Men Charcoal Face Mask is great, it gives smooth skin.. Face wash is great.. Soap is great.. exfoliates the skin.. also it’s face pack is amazing too.. I loved the face pack.

  • Priyanshi Gupta

    I m loving the product.. the facewash is best .i have earlier used Inatur products so!! That's why thought of trying this and i am very satisfied with the products

  • Priya Oberoi

    The packaging is awesome, keeps it safe and clean. I am not much of chemical user on my face, as I care for my skin alot. This product stands out, as it is mainly made up of charcoal.So I use the product mainly because of its natural ingredients. Yes it leaves my skin look healthy and fresh..

  • Isha Chandel

    I have a very sensitive skin and was looking for something that wouldnt irritate it. A frnd suggested me to try these product and trust me i could see visible changes within days of using these.

  • Smita Gupta

    Awesome product actually it work delivery is on time packing is also very good overall very good product every one must try it. It does give instally result

  • Shruti Bisht

    amazing products. Totally loved using the Men Charcoal Face Mask. It gently exfoliates leaving your skin supple and squeaky clean. I think the Men Charcoal Face Mask has some kind of cooling crystals which leaves your skin with a very refreshing feeling.

  • Shobhna singh

    used this product my husband... It helps in removing acne……... pimples and facial hair.... Loved it a lot……….

  • Sapna Kumari

    This was the first time I bought a Men Charcoal Face Mask and I must say it is really good. It helps in removing the black heads and my face is so much clearer after using the same. The safety guides and all are also very good.

  • Shilpa kumari

    Men Charcoal Face Mask is really good it clears it blackheads and make skin smooth and silk. Loved it a lot………..