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Geranium Rose Body Mist

Geranium Rose Body Mist

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INATUR brings to you alcohol-free and 100% aqueous base body mist with a purifying, balancing, comforting and mesmerizing fragrance inspired by Rose Centifolia and Geranium essential oils.

The character of this enchanting fragrance is floral, soft, passionate, harmonious, reassuring and comforting.

Please keep away from eyes.

Ideal for:

All skin types.

Directions to use :

Use daily to have an uplifting effect on you anytime. Spray lightly on wrists, neck and shoulders. Spray all over into the air for the fine mist to gently surround you.


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Recent Review

  • Rajvinder kr

    I don't use body mists as often because for me long lasting perfume is always a must. But lately when I got to know inatur herbals Body mists range I couldn't resist self and got my hands on this body mist. What attracted me was it's alcohol free formula and a soothing fragrance .what surprised me the most is it's staying power capability. It lasts for longer duration and soothes one's senses to the cores. I would recommend this mist to everyone who are looking for chemical free body odour solutions