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Himalayan & Salt Sugar Scrub

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An excellent formation to get rid of toxins and impurities from the skin, promoting healthy, speedy turnover of skin cells, balancing oil production and smoothening the skin tone.

Himalayan & Salt Sugar Scrub is enriched with Bergamot- regenerates skin cells, gives an even toned complexion and also has antiseptic and anti-biotic properties, Orange- has astringent and toning properties, improves skin texture, firms and prevents premature ageing, Pink Salt- gives hydration to skin and detoxifies, Sugar- a natural way to exfoliate, soften and refresh the skin and Shea Butter- which is intensely moisturizing, treats dry skin and protects from moisture loss.

It can be used on both face and body. It smoothens and hydrates the skin so it looks glowing and healthy.

Ideal for:

All skin types.(esp. dry skin)

Directions to use:

Massage gently over wet skin concentrating on rough spots like the nose tip, forehead and then wash off for a thoroughly cleansed skin. Can be used 2-3 times a week.

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Recent Review

  • Lakshya Malhotra

    Among other things, I ordered Inatur Himalayan Pink Salt and Sugar Orange & Bergamot Scrub. This was the worst product I have used in my life. It was terrible in terms of both its quality and constituents. First the scrub refused to be applied. On application, it refused to come off despite several attempts. It did not come off after using cleansers, soap, or even with foaming washes. The wax in it clings to the skin and the granules stick to the body refusing to come off. I have been using Inatur’s other high quality scrubs (the sandal one, the pomegranate one) and never did I have any problem with them. I would suggest people with normal to oily skin to better keep this off from their list as certainly the feeling it leaves after application is horrible. It feels like you have got waxing done and the surface has not been cleaned. More so ever, it feels like you have melt a candle and put it on your skin which refuses to come off.

  • Aarushi Jain

    The scrub is made of microcrystalline wax formulated with tiny granules which exfoliates the skin, and the beads are neither too abrasive that it hurts when you rub it against your skin nor too subtle that you hardly realise that there’s anything at all, which is why it is suitable for the body and the face as well. View Detail