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Jasmine Hydrosol Floral Water

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Hydrosol refers to floral water that has the therapeutic properties of essential oils but in a lesser concentrated form and can be used for a variety of purposes without being diluted.


Jasmine hydrosol floral water is an organic, 100% natural and organic steam distillate of jasmine flowers. It is used to soothe sensitive and inflamed skin. It hydrates and heals.


It can be used as - a face mist/toner, - body mist, - aftershave - can be added to diffuser - air freshener - linen spray (does not stain) - can be added to face masks.

It has a soft and relaxing fragrance.

Ideal for:

All skin types (esp. mature skin)

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Recent Review

  • Aakanksha arora

    I loved this Hydrosol, it feels so refreshing. it is must have for everyone.