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Kumkumadi Ayurveda Wellness

Kumkumadi Ayurveda Wellness

  • Sizes:
  • Quantity:

Used Herbs:

This gift pack consists of:

  • Kumkumadi Scrub 50g
  • Kumkumadi Cream 50g
  • Kumkumadi Face Cleanser 100g
  • Kumkumadi Oil 12g

Ideal for:

All skin types.


212 g

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Recent Review

  • Parul Negi

    Kumkumadi gift box is very nice product.i am putting this Kumkumadi gift box last three months.i have gotten good outcome.

  • Poonam Bansal

    I highly recommend this product as its so good...it clears spots from your skin, improves skin tone , brightens it up that too without harming your skin

  • Chetna Gupta

    Totally loving the experience. Will definitely buy again. Truly Kumkumadi gift box a good product.

  • Priyanshi Gupta

    I just loved this product.Well let me tell you it arrived in just 3 days after placed the order.I almost use this oil everyday before going to bed and you won't believe after keeping it on my skin for overnight it has added radiance to my skin.My skin never felt so soft before.I believe since it has saffron included in the oil it gives the perfect glow.I am really happy with the output I received after applying it on my skin.I would highly recommend to use it if your skin is dry and needs a little bit of glow in it.

  • Priya Oberoi

    I liked this product. I bought it as i have super dry skin and wanted pure nourishment without any greasiness on my face. It is really good.

  • Isha Chandel

    It's very nice product.totally loved the glow it gave after applying it. Super nice.

  • Smita Gupta

    I've received dis product today itself...oil has light texture and smell is awsum...👌🤗 ...I'll share my review after 3 Days…

  • Shruti Bisht

    I highly recommend this Kumkumadi gift box product as its so good...it clears spots from your skin, improves skin tone , brightens it up that too without harming your skin.

  • Shobhna singh

    Good product, long term use of Kumkumadi gift box make skin glowing and natural brighting according to price i recommended to use it once that's repair your skin maximum 2 to 3 months......

  • Sapna Kumari

    Kumkumadi gift box does exactly! I love its smell, texture and effect. It has reduced the dark spots on my skin upto a huge extent. Extremely happy with the product. A must buy!

  • Shilpa kumari

    Love the fragrance. Had been using Kumkumadi gift box product it was excellent but very expensive . So thought above trying something in budget. It has been 1 week using This product and difference is visible in my skin. But still will wait for a month and update on the same