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Kumkumadi Cream

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An intensive skin repair cream which is an ayurvedic formulation of organic oils, precious herbs and extracts that have multiple benefits. It helps to :

  • improve skin texture
  • clears complexion
  • fights pigmentation
  • controls acne
  • evens under eye circles
  • clears blemishes
  • lightens skin & rejuvenates

It is filled with the goodness of Saffron Oil- that tones and gives radiance to skin, Sandal oil- that has a soothing effect and prevents marks, Manjishtha- clears complexion and prevents pigmentation & eczema, Licorice- reduces discoloration and age spots, Turmeric extracts- treats acne and soothes burns, Rose oil- moisturizes and treats inflammation, Almond oil- reduces tan and age lines, Carrot oil- rejuvenates and lightens skin tone and Sesame oil- that gives deep nourishment and softens skin.

Ideal for:

All skin types

Directions to use:

Take a small quantity of the cream and dab on a clean face. Use fingertips to gently massage in circular motions until the creams gets smoothens out and gets absorbed. For best results, use with Kumkumadi oil, scrub and serum.

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