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Kumkumadi Face Pack

Kumkumadi Face Pack

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Inatur Kumkumadi Face Pack helps to cleanse impurities and detoxify the skin. It helps to brighten the skin, reduces tan and blemishes making it radiant , youthful and revived. It is based on Indian Ayurveda and is enriched with powerful antioxidants, herbs and essential oils.

Directions to use:

Apply a thick layer of the Inatur Kumkumadi Face Mask evenly all over face avoiding eye area and lips. Leave mask on as long for 10 minutes. Try not to laugh or smile while it's drying. Remove with luke warm water and pat dry.

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Aqua, Polysaccharide gum, Lauryl glucoside , Kaolin, Sandal powder, Saffron oil, Manjishta, Licorice powder, Berberis, Vetiver powder, Padma, Nyagrodha, Plaksha, Kamala keshara, Agnimantha, Turmeric powder, Premna mucronata, Rose oil, Patala, Madhuka, Almond powder, Sesame oil, Carrot oil, Ethylhexyl glycerin, Sodium glutamate.

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Recent Review

  • Vaishali Singh

    nice product...

  • Lakshmi Dora

    Love this face pack. Very Effective

  • Ruchi Kalla

    Its really work in my sking i love it...

  • Namita Goda

    Inatur is a cosmetics brand that I prefer more than other big brands, because of the herbal nature of its products. Kumkumadi Face Pack is another such herbal product, which includes the natural essence of oils, herbs and other ingredients that are good for the skin. I have been using the face pack twice a day for about a week, and my skin is totally rejuvenated. I also feel fairer. Amazing product, suggesting my friends to buy this product…..