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Liquorice Day Cream

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Fairness Day Cream is a unique formula by Inatur that has 100% plant derived actives to prevent melanin production. It has a unique combination of UVA/UVB absorbers and sucrose dilaurate that prevent skin melanogenesis and pigmentation. Regular usage of this product for 7 days makes skin fairer and complexion lighter.

It contains Basil- that helps in skin conditioning and brings glow, Fenugreek- which is a rich source of Vitamin C and good as an anti-blemish and anti-marks, Blackberry- has powerful skin lightening properties and brings fairness, Liquorice- that lightens hyper pigmentation, is anti-inflammatory and brings fairness, Brahmi- an anti-oxidant that retards ageing, Mulberry- regulates melanin synthesis thus reducing dark spots and blemishes, Orange Peel- beneficial for curing pigmentation and sunburns, Pea extracts- lightens skin color and removes age spots, Sandalwood- helps to minimize wrinkles, scars, active acne and sun damage.

Use it every day especially after cleansing your face.

Ideal for:

All skin types.

Directions to use:

Take the product on the fingertips and spread evenly on the face in an upward and outward motion with small circular movements.

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