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Olive Body Butter

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Pamper your skin with Inatur’s olive body butter that helps to retain the hydration of the skin and maintains the pH balance and absorbs quickly.

It is food for the skin that nourishes and softens it and can be used by sensitive skin and as well as on babies.

It is enriched with pure Olive Oil- that has anti-ageing properties and is a natural sunscreen too that helps to remove blemishes, its regenerative power also stimulates the process of skin healing and Vitamin E- that rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin by generating new skin cells, thereby making the skin look fresh and healthy.

Ideal for:

All skin types (esp. sensitive skin and babies)

Directions to use:

Generously massage all over your skin, especially after a shower.

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Recent Review

  • Dona Das

    Overall I am satisfied with the quality of this body butter, it has a nice creamy texture which absorbs easily into your skin and melts without leaving any greasiness behind. It makes skin soft and supple after application even when applied in dry skin people, it has the ability to give enough moisturizer to your skin removing the dry patches of our skin making it smooth and soft. I would totally recommend this product to all skin types’ people. View Detail