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Olive Oil

Olive Oil

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INATUR Olive Oil is 100% pure olive oil and is excellent oil for massaging infants and toddlers. For adults it can be used daily on face, body and hair as it improves the skin barrier function and is a good emollient for dry skin and scalp. • No fragrance added • Can be applied directly • Pure and cold pressed • Can be applied to babies also

Ideal for:

All skin types.

Directions to use:

Lightly massage Inatur Olive Oil on face, body and hair after cleansing.

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Recent Review

  • Binita Garg

    Good, recommended. Using for my baby right now...

  • Maya Sarkar

    My son had some breakouts and dry skin, with the usual oils. But using this one really made a difference ……..

  • Isha Shukla

    Nice product and worthy of price……….

  • Sara Malhotra

    Highly recommended

  • Anjana Sahota

    Best oil I have ever came across with in my life. It is very soothing and absorbs quickly in the body. I always used to massage my baby with this oil and the results are awesome. I also use it on her hair which is also very healthy. I recommend Inatur oil for everybody……..

  • Nilima Tiwari

    Inatur olive oil is one of the best brands which I can trust upon. I have used this oil for massaging my baby. It’s very good for baby’s skin and bones. Doctors recommended this…