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Orange & Cinnamon Sugar lip polish

Orange & Cinnamon Sugar lip polish

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It acts as Natural Lip Exfoliator, -Apply Sugar Lip Polish to the lips and gently massage away dull skin.

INATUR Orange and Cinnamon lip polish is super nourishing. Raw Sugar gives gentle exfoliation and organic oils moisturize and nourish. It is so natural that you can eat also.

Ingredient –

  • Orange oil- Orange oil- helps in collagen production and also promotes blood flow to your lips and has anti ageing properties.
  • Sugar- Acts as a natural humectant and skin-soother and helps prevent moisture loss while buffing away dry flakes.
  • Apricot oil, it easily penetrates, high in vit A, good of dry and irritated skin
  • Cinnamon powder-Antibacterial
  • Grape seed oil- source of Vitamin E, Antioxidant properties
  • Shea Butter-deep moisturizing
  • Candelilla Wax- rich in nutrients, it prevents moisture loss from lips.
  • Honey extract,- Anti bacterial and anti aging
  • Almond oil- gently dislodge debris from deep within skin pores and follicles, helps in preventing acne

This product is organic, vegan with no animal fats added, It contains Pure Essential Oils – No colorants added

Ideal for:

All skin types

Directions to use:

Take a small amount of scrub on fingertips and massage on lips until it rubs off. Follow with applying lip balm or lip gel

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