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Pomegranate Scrub

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Pomegranate Scrub is an invigorating wash exfoliant from the house of Inatur that exfoliates dead skin cells, ensures cell renewal, helps to remove excess oil, unclogs pores, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. Its special formula helps to reduce water loss and reconditions the skin.

It in enriched with Pomegranate- a remedy for the skin that is damaged due to sun exposure, it is an anti-oxidant that prevents acne formation by destroying the root cause itself, promotes healthy blood circulation and also has healing properties and does not leave a mark behind on the skin after healing, Tamarind- exfoliates dead skin, treats burns, prevents edema, helpful in getting rid of scars, boosts skin elasticity, provides hydration and smoothness, Orange Peel-reduces oiliness and helps to reduce suntan, Manjishtha- pacifies the reactivity of toxins in the body and exfoliates dead skin, Amla- helps in reviving the skin texture, flushes out toxins, avoids occurrence of acne & pimples and brings glow to the skin.

It can be used from once in a week for extremely sensitive skin to 3-4 times a week for thick greasy skin.

Ideal for:

All skin types.

Directions to use:

Massage gently over wet skin concentrating on rough spots like the nose tip, forehead and then wash off for a thoroughly cleansed skin. To be used 2-3 times a week.

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Recent Review

  • Rajvinder kr

    I was suffering of dry flaky skin all of sudden and whatever Product I tried to heal my skin ,it caused irritation and finally I come across this product. I was very much skeptical to use this product but with very first usage I gained my Confidence on this product. It not only improved my skin texture drastically with very first usage but also gave a brightening effect to my face ..in love with this product since.. will definitely recommend this product to all those who wishes to have a beautiful skin .

  • Jhilmil D Saha

    It is a truly wonderful scrub which makes skin tight and smooth with just one use. It works great to smoothen and improve the complexion. The pores look much refined with regular use and blackhead and whiteheads are cleared, leaving the skin glowing and youthful. It is a must-have scrub for those who really want to revive skin and improve complexion. View Detail

  • Sri Ramani

    It has a yummy fruity fragrance and I love to sniff it all the time. It makes skin smooth and supple without making it dry unlike many other scrubs. It gives an instant cleanup to the face with a nice glow. It is super effective on white and black heads. It helps in improving the texture of the skin on prolonged usage. It also gives an even tone to the skin. Reasonably priced for the quantity it comes in. Suits all types of skin. View Detail