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Sports Shower Gel

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Inatur’s shower gels come in transparent gel form, are 100% soap-free and contain natural skin conditioners, essential oils and extracts.

Sports Shower Gel is a high performance product that leaves your mind and body- active and fresh at the start of the day and also relaxes you after a tiring physical activity or sports.

It is enriched with Rosemary- has therapeutic properties, rehydrates and tones the skin, Triclosan- an anti-bacterial agent, Eucalyptus- has healing properties, relieves you of muscle pain owing to its anti-inflammatory properties and is also a stimulant.

Ideal for:

All skin types.

Directions to use:

Pour a quarter sized drop of the gel onto a loofah or washcloth and work it into lather. Gently scrub yourself and then rinse thoroughly.

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