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Sun Spray SPF 30

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Inatur Sun Spray SPF 30 is an organic-mineral-aqueous system that ensures very high UVA & UVB protection. It is light ,oil-free and excellent for sensitive skin , oily skin and delicate skin of babies and children. It is enriched with Carrot extracts- which helps in repairing tissues and protects from UV rays, heals sunburns, Honey extracts- which is full of antioxidants that helps to slow down ageing, is extremely moisturizing and boosts the complexion and gives a healthy glow, Aloe Vera- that prevents skin ageing, treats sunburn and gives a radiant glow and Bergamot oil- a restorative skin toner.

Hours of sun protection: 5 hours.

Ideal for:

All skin types.

Directions to use:

Apply generously and evenly to all exposed areas before going out in the sun, after swimming, excessive sweating or towel drying.

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Recent Review

  • Anshula Pau

    I love this product. It smells amazing! It leaves my skin feeling so soft. It doesn’t weight it down. Smoothes into my skin easily. The scent is so clean and light. I don’t use any other lotion for my after shower….

  • Dr Rushina Paliwal

    Light and non sticky. Suits my skin

  • Balkishan Kunwar


  • Murali v

    hello my order number is 667 you send the wrong product i want my order ......https://www.inatur.in/product/sun-spray-spf-30.html