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Volcanic Sand Scrub

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INATUR Volcanic Sand Scrub is enriched with volcanic ash known for its high sulphur content that helps to purify the skin. It is regarded by FDA as highly effective for acne.

It is filled with the goodness of Aloe Vera extracts- that has great moisturizing properties, prevents skin ageing, treats sunburn and gives a radiant glow, Glycerin- that helps to soothe dryness, deeply moisturizes, is a natural toner and gives a glowing skin, Rosemary oil- protects from damage, is anti-bacterial and helps clear acne, Peppermint oil- which nourishes dull skin & improves texture of oily skin and helps cool the skin and lastly Black sand- it helps slow down ageing, protects against toxic effects of pollution and is a natural skin purifier.

Ideal for:

All skin types.(esp. oily skin)

Directions to use:

Apply a sufficient amount of INATUR Volcanic Sand Scrub to entire body. Massage in circular motion to allow granules to remove dead skin cells. Rinse off well. Use for glowing, refreshed & healthy looking skin.

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Recent Review

  • Rishu Raj

    I love this scrub. It's gel base so it is an excellent product for my skin. Feels so clean.