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Tea Tree Clarifying Facial Gel

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INATUR Tea Tree skin clarifying facial gel is an alcohol-free and PH balanced facial gel enriched with pure essential oils, herbal complexes and anti-oxidants that are especially good for people with oily skin type.

It helps to remove acne-causing bacteria, excessive oil and blackheads while hydrating the skin.

It contains Aloe Vera extracts- that heal and hydrate the skin, Turmeric extracts- that enhance skin complexion, Tea Tree oil- that controls sebum production and acne, Neem extracts- that have antiseptic and anti microbial properties and Vitamin E- that is another anti-oxidant.

Application of this product gives a brighter, hydrated and softer skin.

Ideal for:

Oily and Normal skin.

Directions to use:

Apply the Tea Tree skin clarifying facial gel directly onto clean face lightly with your fingertips. Massage until it gets completely absorbed into the skin. Avoid eye contact.

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Recent Review

  • Barkha Vyas

    This clarifying face gel gave me back my confidence. I was suffering from acne spots and it cleared my face and made my skin tone even. Unlike most of the gels this face gel is not at all sticky. It is very moisturizing and can be used by all skin types. I had no side effects or break outs after using this product.